Atelier international de restaurare si durabilitate
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 Summer is the season of holidays, the season of professional blankness for most of us. Events and projects are often scarce and everywhere you feel a breeze of relaxation. Still, for some, summer is the time for complementing their formal work of education with special, usually more hands-on experience, experimenting new worlds and perspectives and taking aboard other peoples’ wisdom…in other words it marks the perfect ground for intercultural dialogue.

People at Artis Web Association and the PUZZLE project denied the right to laziness on a hot sunny beach for some 10 days (August 4 – 14), while the International workshop of restoration and sustainability took place in Curtişoara (Gorj county, Romania).

They believe that every student that is confronted with the experience of vernacular architecture as a summary of centenary knowledge learns to understand and respect each trade and material at its right value. Those behind Artis value craftsmanship as an “art of common sense” and encourage the student’s creativity on these bases through workshops.

In Curtisoara they proposed the student to experience an advanced restoration methodology. The on-site investigation methodology implied five stages. Through an accurate drawn releve, the students were able to understand the analysed buildings, a XVII century fortified farm (kula) and a traditional church. A critical analysis allowed for the realization of a building pathology and a diagnosis, finally leading to the creation of a restoration proposition.

Leaders of the workshop were well experienced architects, Mr. Stefan Manciulescu, teacher at the Ecole de Chaillot and chief architect of historical monuments in Frances, and Mr. Mihai Opreanu, architect and teacher at the Ion Mincu Architecture Faculty in Bucharest. Finishing the tasks implied a lot of collective work and so the social and cultural adventure began for the participants. Not saying that focusing on Romanian vernacular architecture wouldn’t have been enough…that alone would have blown strong winds for the cultural odyssey they embarked on!

Participants were from Romania, France, Belgium and the US, students and teachers, fathers and sons (and daughters), craftsmen, architects and cultural consultants, men and women, bureaucrats and artists, urban animals and rural people. 18 human souls in total!

The workshop opened up to others as well, not restoration and sustainability specialists, but people with a general interest for the Other. Self-reflexive and on alert, our guest produced a written note on his experience with the people and the surroundings. It’s an undoubtedly subjective one, a track of a passing through an unknown territory that speaks to those willing to listen to its perennial truths about dialogue and perspectives. And that reminds us all that diversity is knowledge if we listen closely.

This event is part of the PUZZLE, Romanian national project for the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, component 2 - INCLUDED, coordinated by the National Network of Romanian Museums.

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